Raw Hing At Best Price In India

Raw hing at best price in India is affordable to all. Raw hing is useful for all bodies. it does not care how old they are. So People use Raw hing in their foods and cuisines in India. Also all people are healthier too. The spices and herbs have a long history in India. Indian people care about their selves too much. So there are a lot of high quality hing fields. The Fields have the plants that gives hing to their owners. But they cannot deny that the birth place of Hing was Iran. So They also export hing and asafoetida From Iran to India.

Based on Statistics , Last year, almost 60,312 kilo grams of hings were taken from the province’s pastures, more than 90 percent of which were exported from Iran to other countries. This product is exported to India at a low price in 30 up to 50 kg barrels. So also India have resources to produce hing, they prefer to use Persian Hing.

Raw Hing At Best Price In India

Indigenous to eastern Iran and western Afghanistan

Hing is indigenous to eastern Iran and western Afghanistan. Asafoetida powder major sellers are from Asian countries.There is many uses and benefits. The plant reaches a height of up to 2 m and bears clusters of pale, greenish-yellow flowers and an oval fruit. All parts of the plant have a distinctive fetid odor.

Extraction of the gum begins just before flowering. After the stalks are cut close to the ground and the roots are exposed and slash, a milky liquid oozes out. The liquid then dries to form a resin and a fresh cut is made. The process is continue for about 3 months from the first incision.Furthermore, a single plant may yield up to 1 kg of resin before it dries out.

Raw Hing At Best Price In India

Asafoetida also use for abdominal tumors

Asafoetida also use for abdominal tumors and as a carminative. Hence, in  intestinal spasmodic, abortifacient, aphrodisiac, diuretic, sedative, and stimulant. Use in respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, and whooping cough.

Asafoetida is compose of approximately 4% to 20% volatile oil. Also 40% to 60% resin, and 25% gum. The most striking features of the gum are its putrid odor and bitter. acrid taste. As result  cause by organic, sulfur-containing compounds present in the essential oil.

Raw Hing At Best Price In India

Raw Hing At The Best Quality In India

All of the countries that are exporting from Iran have the best quality. because Iran is the first place that Wild plant called Hing or asafoetida grows inside. So there is a good reason to export Persian Raw hing At Low price and the best Quality from Iran. As we said Hing is a wild plant and Iran have the best conditions and weather for them. Absolutely they are beneficial for health and have a lot of uses in industries. But they are cheap and everybody can buy them.

Based on history, every country that has herbal medicals and experts use these Raw hings for their patients. Herbs are miracles that have been grown in grounds. Because they have a lot of benefits to them.

Raw Hing At Best Price In India

Raw hing uses in Industries

On average, more than 60 tons of raw hings are harvested annually at 100,000 hectares in the province’s natural landscapes.But more than 90 percent of which are exported to India. Because there is not enough attention to these beneficial herb and also lack of processing industries affects on them.


the amount of Raw hing productions in Iran is too much. So the researches and attentions to these high quality and useful herb is getting more and more. Fortunately, People are going back to the ages that usage of Herbs was too much. So the bright and shine future for this natural antibiotic has guessed.


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