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Iran galbanum suppliers and manufacturers are supplying worldwide. Galbanum plant is mainly harvest in Iran during July and August. In the high desert plateau regions of Iran the tall stalks of the plant are sought by gatherers who wander the mountains during July and August. Harvesting in these two months is done. Because of the suitable weather for this plant.

The best Galbanum plant still comes from Iran, although Galbanum also grown in other countries like Turkey and Afghanistan, but as far as the best quality is concern Iran is still on the top. The Galbanum plant has a hollow stem and wooly petals. In the dry highlands where it grows the plant disappears for the winter leaving nothing but the fleshy root underground.

Iran galbanum


The Galbanum plant excudes a thick scent

The Galbanum plant excudes a thick scent resin when damage that provides protection and healing to the plant. This is the resin that is called Galbanum. It comes in two types, hard and soft with the soft containing a variety of inclusions such as sand, wood, plant parts, insect and such. These contaminants settle out of the soft resin which can be poured off for further extraction or distillation.

In the spring, the early leaves appear like a fountain of soft green to be greedily devoured by camels. The stem is unique  orange color and the flowers are a brilliant orange-yellow.

Iran galbanum


Galbanum plant is great in a synergy

Galbanum plant is great in a synergy, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and antispasmodic. It is also regard as a good emmenagogue. This plant help tissue get back to its normal state after an infection or inflammation.

As a resin, it may have also been use to preserve mummies. There are also Biblical references to Galbanum plant as an ingredient in the Holy Incense. Galbanum plant is native to ancient Persia. Roughly modern day Iran and was historically sourced from that country where it is call Barijeh.

iran galbanum


Iranian Galbanum best in the world

Iranian Galbanum best in the world due to its quality. If Galbanum is in the room you generally know she is there. She is Queen. Galbanum is green, actually very green and quite sharp. The scent is that of green peppers, cut grass or bright fresh summer greens. It may also be piney and reminiscent of turpentine. But wait a moment and the green moderates and wait a few moments more to get to the still green balsamic dry down.

Galbanum plant is famous as a Holy plant, the sharp penetrating green-ness may be what is appreciate in religious ceremonies in ancient times in Romans and Greek civilization. Conversely, the green aspect may have been a sign of life and creation. Either way, Galbanum was an important component of early incense. Galbanum was scared to the Egyptians who likely use it in their green incense and imported it from Middle East.

iran galbanum



The aromatic essence of Galbanum

The aromatic essence of Galbanum is a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. It is also very active. It can nourish it and protect it from becoming infected. Galbanum plant helps speed up the healing process, while reducing the scar tissue as well. Elisso Sky is supplier of galbanum worldwide.

It is also excellent for wounds. It can also stimulate the micro circulation underneath the skin. The galbanum oil has astringent properties. This means it can stimulate the micro circulation underneath the superior layer of the skin. By doing that, the blood vessel, hence the skin cells too will contract. That gives the skin a toned, fresh look and also helps renew the skin cells faster than normal.

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