German Tragacanth Essential Oil Buyers

German Tragacanth essential oil buyers are great in numbers. Gum Tragacanth is the dry, gummy exudation obtain from Astragalus gummifer or other Asiatic species of Astragalus. This plant is a small, low, bushy perennial shrub having a large tap root, which, along with the branches, is tap for the gum.

The Tragacanth mother plants grow wild in the dry deserts. The climate of countries like Iran Syria and Turkey are the best for growing these plants. Also the mountains of Asia Minor have a good base for growing. Iran is the largest exporter and supplies the best quality. The plants are tap by making careful longitudinal incisions in the tap root and the bark of the branches.

German Tragacanth Essential Oil Buyers

More Uses of Katira Tragacanth

  • More uses of katira Tragacanth  are numerous. Most of all, it is use for dressing burns.
  • Gond katira helps to Body health. Also they prevent Aids and strength body against disease.
  • In herbal ayurvedic medicine experts suggest to use Katira Tragacanth to treat coughs.
  • It also helps to cure mouth ulcers.
  • Gond is also said to be helpful in reducing Tumors.
  • Gond katira possesses adaptogenic properties which increase the body’s ability to restore its normal physiological functioning and protect it from the damaging effects of stress.
  • In the winters, gond can give a warming effect when added to sweet.
  • Katira protect body from a lot of ills. Also it helps to be more healthy. In every species it can be used in different function. Katira is good for hairs and nails.

German Tragacanth Essential Oil Buyers

Tragacanth is use in cod liver oil

Tragacanth is use in cod liver oil emulsions to facilitate the absorption of poorly soluble substances, such as steroid glycosides and fat-soluble vitamins. It is also used in low-calorie elixirs and syrups. Tragacanth have more applications in comsmetic industry. Factories use these Tragacanth gum or powder in Hand lotions, body lotions, creams. recently they are adding Tragacanth to Shampoos and conditioners.So this is help to refresh the hairs and skins. Furthermore in creams as a thickener, emulsifier and lubricant.  the High viscosity of the external phase in Tragacanth gum is the good advantage of it. They are good to use as a suspender, So they prevent ingredients from settling out.

German Tragacanth Essential Oil Buyers

Tragacanth uses in textile print industry

textile print industry use Tragacanth in textile print paste and sizes for high quality silks and crepes. Tragacanth make them more efficient. It gives them volume. Furthermore, it is also use in dressing leather and in the preparation of leather polishes. Also, Varied industries like flooring furnishing and the others are using them in furniture, floor, and auto polishes. Hence,it is also use as and adhesive for reconstituted cigar wrapper leaves as well.

Because of its relative stability to heat, acidity, and aging, Tragacanth is widely use as a thickener and stabilizer in pourable salad dressings of the regular and low calorie types. For similar reasons, it is use in relish sauces, condiment bases, sweet pickles, liquors, and mayonnaise. It is use at about 0.4–0.75% in the above products.

                                        German Tragacanth Essential Oil Buyers

The gum gives good shelf life

The gum gives good shelf life to these acidic products. They can be used for personal purposes or industries uses. People can buy them from all shops. In the varied shapes, they have varied fans. The most shape of Tragacanth that is using by people is Powder and oil essential.

In citrus beverages, Tragacanth acts as a thickening agent to impart proper mouth feel and stability Since the gum has good acid resistance, it has been used in candy cream centers containing natural fruit and acid. It has also been use as a binder in the cold-press process and the extrusion process for making candy cigarettes, and lozenges.


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