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Galbanum resin buy and sell is booming everyday worldwide. Ferula galbanum is produce in Iran, southern Russia, Afghanistan, and Turkey. It is a perennial that grows to a height of one meter. The plant bears umbelliferus yellow flowers arrange in a panicle. The gum resin is extract by wounding the root or lower part of the stem.

Galbanum resin buy and sell at good price is very important. It can be steam-distill to produce essential oil which is use in some cosmetics and fragrances. Historically, Galbanum resin use  to dress inflame and abscess wounds.

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) is a giant fennel-like plant native to the Middle East and Asia.Furthermore plants grow plentifully on mountain slopes and produce an aromatic resin. Hence it  is both musky and green in scent.


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In Iranian traditional medicine, an oleo-gum-resin

In Iranian traditional medicine, an oleo-gum-resin obtain from F. gummosa. Hence it  is popular for treating various disorders that include stomach ache, cholera and diarrhea. Furthermore in epilepsy, inflammation, and pain.

The plant that produces galbanum has similar chemical compounds to the pungent asafetida. The spice that is popular in Indian cuisine.Nomads of southwestern Iran have traditionally use the plant as an anti diarrheal.

Ancient Iranian medical literature refers to it as an anticonvulsant, antispasmodic, expectorant, and wound treatment. Elisso Sky is the wholesaler and supplier of galbanum resin worldwide. Galbanum is an oleo-gum-resin, known since ancient times as incense and perfume with a fantastic history, odor, and chemistry; an antiseptic, uplifting and anti-aging application and a pleasure to incorporate in blends and healing perfume.

galbanum resin buy

Galbanum was likely a fixative

Galbanum was likely a fixative in ancient perfumes, and it is still use as such today. Fixatives do not need to be sweet smelling. Fixatives instead enhance and prolong the scent of perfumes.

Galbanum resin that oozes out of the wound collection is after  around two weeks. However,wounding, by which time the exudates have harden into a crystalline substance. The chemical constituents of galbanum are monoterpenes (α and β pinene), sabinene, limonene, undecatriene, and pyrazines.

The current widely accept source of galbanum is Ferula gummosa. Which is synonymous with Ferula galbaniflua, though other species also yield galbanum. It has an acute and unpleasant smell, hence its nickname “devils dung” in English. Hence, which makes one wonder about its selection for use in ancient incense.

Galbanum is from Apiaceae or Umbelliferae,  a family of mostly aromatic flowering plants named after the type genus Apium.

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