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Galbanum products manufacturers India are large in numbers. Galbnaum has long been used in the perfume industry. For the home enthusiast, it is helpful to know that the oil is both a feminine and masculine top note.The top notes are the last add  to the blend and are the most volatile. Furthermore they are the ones that are notice first in a scent.

The volatile oil of F. galbaniflua can be mix to the diffuser when making a blend to help with respiratory complaints. Hence, Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, and more can be ease with the inhalation of galbanum. Futhermore, it improves circulation and reduces stress, which are both qualities that someone expecting can benefit from.

galbanum products manufacturers

Ferula galbaniflua resin oil has many qualities

Ferula galbaniflua resin oil has many qualities that make it beneficial for the home user. For starters, it has no contraindications and is not irritating, toxic, or sensitizing.This oil is also one of the few that can be used while pregnant or nursing

If you are suffering from a sluggish circulatory system, galbanum can help. Add galbanum to a massage blend that includes other oils that get things moving. Muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, and arthritis can all benefit from massages and body oils containing galbanum.

People in the East parts of the world know that galbanum is helpful for easing digestive disturbances. They use it regularly for symptoms like flatulence, indigestion, and abdominal cramps.

galbanum products manufacturers

Galbanum oil has an earthy and woody scent

Galbanum oil has an earthy and woody scent that can promote calm. Everyone deals with stress these days. Therefore, it can be exceedingly helpful to turn to essential oils to promote peace and tranquility in our lives. Galbanum is a tall, perennial herb with small flowers and shiny leaves. It is native to Middle Eastern countries, such as Iran and Afghanistan. The plant exudes a gum resin which is release when the base of the stem is cut. Galbanum essential oil is then steam distilled from the resin.

The aroma of Galbanum essential oil is unique. Similarly,  like other intense essential oils it tends to grow on you. Galbanum is use extensively in the perfumery industry as a fixative and also to add ‘green’ notes to fragrances. Although it is not commonly use in today’s aromatherapy, Galbanum does also have some useful therapeutic properties.

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