Galbanum Essential Oil For Sale In Iran

Galbanum essential oil for in Iran  is at very good price An endemic plant in Iran, Ferula gummosa (or galbaniflua) is the only true source of “soft Galbanum.” Many other species of Ferula genus also produce gums, but of greatly varying qualities. However,this herbaceous plant of the high-desert regions reproduces only by seed. During germination, it develops a deep, filiform root and a stem with two small leaves, which dry in May.

Galbanum essential oil from Elisso Sky is available at discount price. Hence,this plant will only produce vegetation again the following year. In the third year, an outgrowth forms on the root collar. This growth will be the source of the galbanum gum, from the third to the seventh year. Traditional gum gathering is  with a locally made, wrought-iron tool. In May-June, when the leaves are dry, the plant’s roots are expose and the outgrowth is score.

galbanum essential oil

A white to straw-yellow resin

A white to straw-yellow resin  leaks out, to slowly solidify upon exposure to the air.Furthermore, the gum collection  is a few days later. Two to three new cuts  successively on the previous gashes. The exudate yield progressively increases with the number of cuts.

Mentione in the texts of all major ancient civilizations, galbanum was long ago assign mystical and healing powers. According to Exodus, it is part of the “perfumes” God revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai: “Take fragrant spices–gum resin, onycha and galbanum–and pure frankincense, all in equal amounts.” “Soft galbanum” – also called “Levant galbanum” – is the one use in perfumery. The gum hardens with time in the form of rounded, sticky, yellow to reddish tears. It has a characteristic green, woody fragrance.
                         galbanum essential oil

This essential oil  keeps your household clean,

This essential oil can also help keep your household clean. Therefore,  it drives insects and parasites like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs and lice away from humans and pets. Galbanum essential oil is also use to flavor food products like beverages, confectionaries, baked goods, gelatins and puddings, meats and meat products, snack foods and gravy.

Galbanum oil is mainly use medicinally. If you have wounds, boils, or scars from acne, pimples or pox, this essential oil can help with the healing process. If you have spasms, galbanum oil may provide a relaxing effect to your muscles.

Galbanum essential oil is also use to flavor food products.Such as like beverages, confectionaries, baked goods, gelatins and puddings. Furthermore,in  meats and meat products, snack foods and gravy

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