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100% Pure Gum Asafoetida Wholesale

100% pure gum Asafoetida wholesale price is very competitive. Asafoetida is a promising Ayurvedic remedy for treating digestive and respiratory disorders for thousands of years, it tells the history and age of Tragacanth in the world. It is famous as the oldest of all the healing systems on earth. Ayurveda is the mother of all medicinal practices in the world …

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Export Asafoetida Katira Gum To Europe

Export Asafoetida katira gum to Europe is increasing day by day. Asafoetida is a hard aromatic resinous gum collection from certain species of giant fennels, plants of the genus ferula. It is sell in blocks or pieces as a gum and more frequently as a fine powder, sometimes crystalline or granule. It is call devil’s dung because of its strong …

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