Asafeotida Powder Export Wholesale

Asafoetida powder export wholesale has very good price for buyers. It has a strong, tenacious and sulfurous odor. Nowadays it is a popular ingredient in the Indian cuisine. Most probably because its odor is reminiscent of the flavor of garlic and onion. Hence, two sprouting vegetables, as well as meat.

Asafoetida  is traditionally use for the treatment of different diseases, such as whooping cough, asthma, ulcerepilepsy, stomachache Similarly, in  flatulence, bronchitisintestinal parasitesantispasmodic, weak digestion and influenza. It is an effective remedy for several diseases of the stomach.Due to all this reasons pure asafeotida powder for sale is one should take advantage of.

asafeotida powder export

Ferula asafoetida  is a main source of asafoetida

Ferula asafoetida  is a main source of asafoetida. Seems like a strong, tenacious and sulfurous odor, and oleo-gum resin of medicinal and nutritional importance. Asafoetida has been consume as a spice and a folk medicine for centuries. Recent studies have shown several promising activities. Particularly relaxant, neuroprotective, memory enhancing, digestive enzyme.

Furthermore, as antioxidant, antispasmodichypotensive, hepatoprotective, antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic. Moreover , anticancer, anticytotoxicity, antiobesity, anthelmintic and antagonistic effect. This review effectively deals with phytochemistry and various pharmacological and clinical studies of asafoetida. Pure asafeotida powder is available from Elisso Sky at very good price.

Powder of asafeotida  is use as a flavoring agent in food and as a traditional medicine for many diseases in many parts of the world. Asafoetida (Ferula asafoetida) is an oleo-gum-resin obtain from the stems of Ferula plants belonging to the family Umbelliferae.

asafeotida powder export

Asafoetida is call Hing or Hingu in India

This  Asafoetida is call Hing in India.  Ferula are widely produce in Central Asia, particularly West Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Eastern Iran. However, also in Europe and North Africa. F. asafoetida is one of the important species of Ferula and is more native to Afghanistan and Iran. It  grows about 2 m in height and is in two types bitter and sweet.

Asafoetida is extract from the Ferula plants. Seems like  have massive taproots or carrot-shaped roots. It is  around 15 cm in diameter at the crown when they are 4–5 years old. Before the plants flower, the upper part of the living rhizome root is laid bare. Furthermore,  the stem cut off close to the crown. A dome-shape structure made of twigs and earth covers the expose surface. A milky juice exudes from the cut surface.



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