Asafoetida Hing Powder Price In India

Asafoetida hing powder price in India is very cheap. India export Asafoetida Hing Powder from Iran and Herat. This means that India is using Asafoetida Hing powder In their country more than producer countries. Also the main Spicy in Indian food is Asafoetida Hing powder. So their usages are high. So quantity of exist Asafoetida Hing powder affects on their price. Asafoetida Hing powder price in India is low. Because it becomes an ordinary powder in their daily uses.

India is a good importer of these asafoetida hing powder. Absolutely they are vintage for Traders. But loosing these beneficial herb in our country Iran is not so good. But it helps herbal producers and manufacturers to produce high quality Asafoetida hing powder.

Asafoetida Hing Powder Price In India

Asafoetida Hing Powder uses in India

Indian people are using Asafoetida Hing powders like other countries in their medicine industry or aroma and perfume factories. But the only thing that are different is their foods and cuisines. The asafoetida Hing in Powder shape is a n impartible part of almost all Indian recipes. Indian and Thai foods are so hot and spicy. The main spicy in Indian recipes contains Asafoetida Hing powder. although their Asafoetida Hing powders are exporting from other countries.

Asafoetida Hing powder uses in India is not exclusive to food industry or people’s homes. Also in other fields like aroma or herbal medicals they need Asafoetida Hing Powder.

Asafoetida Hing Powder Price In India

High quality Asafoetida Hing Powder benefits

Hing is famous as Asafoetida and is a spice.The spice is available in tablet and powdered form. However, it is extract the  from herb Ferula. This is a potential smelling spice that is widely use in Indian and Persian cuisines. The strong flavor has given it the title “devils dung”, and this spice provides fiber, calcium, phosphorus.

Asafoetida hing powder from Elisso Sky is the supplier and wholesales of Asafoetida worldwide. Hing has a high level of carbohydrates.However, 100 grams of hing contains 67% carbohydrates. Also 100 grams of hing contains 16% mixture, and it contains 4 % fiber. The fat content is just 1%, and this is considered as paltry. 295 calories are release per 100 grams of hing. The hing is mix up of approximately 17% oils, 65% resin and rest comprises of gum.

Asafoetida Hing Powder Price In India

The spice works as antiviral

The spice works as antiviral, antibacterial and is also use for medicinal purposes. Asafoetida is cure for stomach problems. It is use in treating many stomach disorders, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Further, anti-flatulent properties of hing ensure that problems like gas, acidity, stomach burns .

The chances of occurrence irritable bowel syndrome and food poisoning are zero when Hing is add to the daily diet. Dissolving small pieces of Hing in warm water and drinking it daily after meals brings enormous benefits to stomach.
Similarly, iron, niacin, carotene and riboflavin.Anticoagulant features are there in this spice, and its diuretic too.

     Asafoetida Hing Powder Price In India
Asafoetida helps in removing chest congestion

Asafoetida helps in removing chest congestion and also removes phlegm. It helps to maintain skin texture and improves skin moisture and radiance. Hence, is useful in treating menstrual issues like menstrual cramps, menstrual flow in women. Also it is use in treating female infertility diseases like PCOD. Asafoetida  is a healthy spice that can prevent the growth of H1N1 virus in the body. It is believe to improve the mood of a person and is an anti depressant.

Asafoetida  is a spice that is use for a variety of purposes.Hence it is use in treating stomach disorders and cures people who are suffering from gas. Furthermore in  bloating, acidity, constipation and improves stomach health. However, respiratory disorders keep under control when hing is consume daily. In fact,  this is a good spice that can take in cold and winter season as well.

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